Matt Mihelic

Louisville Site Director, Refuge International - mmihelic@refugeintl.org

As Louisville Site Director, Matt gives leadership to Refuge by mobilizing local area churches to embrace Louisville’s refugees. He has ministered in North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America and as an Adjunct Professor at Boyce College. He is a graduate of the Liberty University School of Law and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Samir Beni

Louisville Community Impact director, Refuge International - samir@refdugeintl.org

Prior to immigrating to the United States, Samir grew up in North Africa. In his undergraduate studies he majored in the Law of International Relations and Economics before earning a Masters of Honor in International Sanctions. He has worked as a jurist and then in Human Resources for a North African hospital. Samir later immigrated to America in pursuit of the American dream. However, he later discovered that God had a much greater story for him.