Ways to Get Involved

Bible club

Help with teaching the Bible as literature through leading a small group of 2-4 students at Iroquois High School to dialogue about the Bible. These relationships are meant to extend out of the specified meeting times within the school to grow into discipleship off campus. Bible club meets each Wednesday from 2:30-4 pm.

citizenship classes

Help prepare refugees to take the U.S. Citizenship test. Classes meet Monday evenings 6:30-8 pm on the Southend of Louisville and Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm at the Welcome Center. There are opportunities available to tutor students outside of class time for those that need a more flexible schedule.

city life mentorship

Enter into a mentorship relationship with a refugee youth grades 6-12. Meeting times can be arranged to work with your schedule, but the expectation is to meet with your mentee once a week.

COFFEE classes

COFFEE stands for Community of Friends Focused on Effective English. Assist with an ESL program that is focused on teaching newcomers English with excellence. Gatherings consist of computer-based phonics program, classroom instruction, and time to build relationships. There are also periodic training sessions to develop skills in teaching English. This class meets at Forest Baptist Church on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm and at Hope Place on Fridays from 10 am-12 pm.

Computer classes

Teach adults basic computer and internet skills. Computer classes meet on Monday evenings from 6:30-8 pm at the Welcome Center.

Creating economies

Use your business, financial, and entrepreneurial skills to create job opportunities for refugees.

English Conversation practice

Help ESL students practice their English conversation skills. Volunteers would meet with refugees in their homes to talk with them and help them practice communicating with others in English.

English in the park, Ramser court

Help us in the apartment complex on Ramser Court. This location has many Somali and Congolese families, and there is a lot of opportunity to build relationships. This event happens every Sunday evening from 5-7 pm. Volunteers meet up with refugees to talk and help them practice their English skills.

Family mentoring

Volunteer families are paired up with a refugee family that can use companionship. help with English, or homework help for the children. Volunteer families have the opportunity to meet with refugee families in their homes once every week or two weeks.

Home Visits

Check in on refugees in their homes, forming friendships with them and spending quality time with them.

Homework help

Meet with students grades 6-12 who live in the Maplewood community to help one on one with homework and build relationships. Homework help meets at the Welcome Center on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm.

Newcomer School Ministry

This ministry meets at Newburg Middle School on Thursdays from 11 am-1 pm. Volunteers visit the school to help one on one with schoolwork and build relationships with students that extend off campus.

Welcome Center Volunteer

The Welcome Center (4517 Beechbrook Rd., 40218) is located in the Maplewood community. It is open Monday-Friday 10 am-12 pm and 4-8 pm. Take a shift each week when the center is open and help as people come in to welcome them with hospitality.

welcome team

Join a team that is assigned to a refugee family that is new to the States. Welcome and journey alongside them to help them adjust to life in this new culture. A simple visit to their home or a trip to the grocery store could help to fill in the gaps in the transition process.

On call assistance

Give us your general availability and be added to a schedule to help with last-minute requests for rides to appointments, unexpected home repairs, or help to connect refugees to resources.