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Welcome teams represent a joint effort between Refuge International, local churches, and nearby resettlement agencies. By providing special care to refugees upon their initial arrival in a city, our hope is to directly benefit refugees throughout their first few months of resettlement. Each Welcome Team will commit to creating a positive, welcoming space for the family’s arrival and to being a helpful resource and loving influence during these crucial first months.

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The needs of refugees extend to many areas during and beyond their initial months of resettlement. Our aim is empower community partners to journey alongside refugees for longterm sustainability. This will allow them to model neighborly love as they empower refugees toward greater independence and cultural acclimation.

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Our hope is that churches will establish long-term initiatives and strategies around embracing the refugees in our city, and that some partners would adopt a community as a whole. This will enable long-term sustainable development in a given community. Refuge will come alongside these partners to offer training and other help as needed.


Volunteers who are interested in serving must attend Refuge’s Volunteer Orientation. This includes an introduction to Refuge, Intra-Church Strategy, cross-cultural basics, and necessary paperwork. These trainings are typically offered every other week at Refuge’s facilities, but may also be scheduled onsite for our community partners. Trainings are updated regularly at Refuge’s Facebook page.